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Mission Statement

BJOKO Security is a service driven company, which pro-actively seeks out the service and needs of the security market.

We provide skilled, loyal personnel who focus on customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships.

We concentrate on our Security Services and target mutually beneficial growth opportunities where we can add value by being the preferred security service provider.

Company Background

Bjoko Security has four years of experience as a Security Service provider in the country.

As BJOKO Security extends its services throughout South Africa, they remain on the cutting edge of global developments in technology and services. BJOKO Security is constantly adapting their services to the changing needs of their clientele. By providing skilled, loyal personnel, we are able to promote a democratic working environment and focus on building long-term relationships with both our customers and staff.

Vast experience has been gained over the years in the security of Shopping Malls, Estates, and Private shops, Offices, Private Homes, Car Ports, Special Events and Hospital.

Partners of Bjoko Security and Training Services

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